Stargate Universe Episode 12: "Divided" Review

The second half of Stargate Universe: Season 1 certainly has a more energetic pace so far, and that's a good thing. A mutiny on the Destiny reveals true motives and loyalties and provides plenty of action and tension, but there are some troubling trends with the show's most interesting character.

The intro to this episode feels a lot like a music video. It features Chloe revisiting the trauma of her abduction. Although it's a little weird and confusing at first, it's a well-orchestrated dream sequence, with "You Won't Know" by Brand New pounding in the background.

Once Chloe and Rush have a little chat about their traumatic experience aboard the alien craft, Young comes right out and accuses Rush of stealing and hiding away a communication stone, providing a handy explanation for what appeared to be simply a glitch in last week's episode (and I also loved Rush's nonchalant reaction to getting found out). It's a neat way to tie up that little plot element, since it's totally something Rush would do. Also we get confirmation about the alien tracking ships on the Destiny hull, another nicely tied up plot piece from a hint dropped long ago.

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