Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Season 20 Episode 9 - "Expectations" Review

In the wake of two huge episodes that completely upset the balance of power (both as far as the Heroes vs. Villains and in the Villains tribe specifically), it wasn't likely this episode could quite keep that excitement going - and indeed this episode was a slower and less thrilling one, but still fairly interesting.

It was fascinating and infuriating seeing Jerri and Coach both lament Rob being gone - but certainly more so with Coach, simply because he acted so indignant about it, even though by voting against Courtney, he was absolutely cementing Rob being gone. Sure, voting with Rob and thus creating a tie would have, in theory, put Coach himself in danger (if, after two deadlocked votes, they'd re-voted again, with Rob and Russell now immune - see my interview with Rob for a bit more clarity on this), but it would have been stepping up and taking a risk in a way Coach clearly wasn't willing to do, so as much as he can be pissed at Jerri, he can't act like he is blameless here as well.

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