Gossip Girl "Reversals of Fortune" Review Season 3 Premiere

So what did you think of Last night's premiere of Gossip Girl, "Reversals of Fortune"? I can sum up my opinion in 2 words: LOVED IT!

At the end of season 2, I was very happy to see my 2 favorite Gossip Girl characters finally get together: Chuck and Blair. So I was THRILLED to see Season 3 premiere with the couple going strong. Btw, I think these 2 need a celebrity couple name, so far I've come up with "Clair", "Chair", "Bluck" and "Buck".I think I still need to work on this. Anyway, as I was saying, I was happy to see that all is well with Chuck and Blair and they are happy, even if they aren't behaving like a conventional couple.

I normally like Serena, but I think it's lame that she got up to her old antics just to get the attention of her father. I wouldn't want to have contact with her either, the trollop. Also, I don't understand why she's confided in Carter and not Blair and Dan. It seems like you'd want to confide in your close friends and not push them away.

The whole right wing/left wing romance going on with Nate and Brie seems boring but it looks like things are going to heat up soon with the help of Grandpa Archibald. Then lastly, there is Scott, who is apparently the son of Rufus and Lily and brother to Serena and Dan. So what does everyone think about Scott? He's cute to be sure, but is he a crazy stalker, or just a guy trying to get to know his family? He certainly finessed his way right into the epicenter of the group (might be Lily's DNA in action there). Do you think he has any honest feelings for Vanessa, or is she totally getting used? That girl just can't seem to find herself a keeper. Out of everything going on, this is the Gossip Girl plot that I've been most interested in. I can't wait to see how this develops!

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Sep 15, 2009 8:54PM EDT

I thinkcSerena confiding in Carter is because at the end of Season 2, we saw Carter go to Serena with some news about her father, so he already knew about it. But, she should confide in Blair, she is her best friend after all.
He is more than likely using Vanessa, in my opinion she isn't much of a keeper herself.
I am going to quote what I said on another discussion regarding the same topic....
"I hate seeing Carter and Serena together, the whole time during the scene in the woods I was like "NOOO!!!". I would like to see Carter become infatuated with Blair while trying to take down Chuck. Don't get me wrong, I love Chair, they are awesome together. I just want to see a little angst and drama thrown in. I honestly thought Chuck was cheating too, and then they revealed their little "game". I don't think that is going to last long, I don't see Blair putting up with it, I see her as a strong character, so seeing her give into something she doesn't want to do for Chuck's benefit really gets me. On a good note for Chuck though, he seemed like he is going to take her feelings into consideration, which shows that he does really care about her! Yay!

As for Scott, I think he just wants to get to know his father. He might be angry at him at first, but after he finds out that Rufus had no idea about him up to a few months ago I see them becoming really close. How do you think Dan will feel about this though? Hmm....

And Serena... ugh, I am so sick of her already. She's always doing something to get attention, be it from her father or some guy, it really annoys me. I am over her.

And on a side note.. I don't like Vanessa, she should have realized that Dan is going through a hard time with his family at the moment and give it a rest. She needs to get over it."

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Sep 15, 2009 10:26PM EDT

I thought that this episode was terrible. Gossip Girl has jumped the shark. Now they're just pulling at straws.

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