Burn Notice: "Entry Point" Review Season 4, Episode 6

Man, I love Kendra (Navi Rawat). I know she's a twisted, manipulative killer, but she's also hot as balls. It's really not fair to Fi to have such a maniacal, sexy villainess on the show, stealing her thunder; especially one who will willingly bash her own face into a metal table over and over again. It's like the writers want me to fall madly in love with her. It's just a shame that she, for most of the episode, was paired up with my least favorite new character, Jesse.

Jesse, though, wasn't as terrible as he's been on past episodes and I liked the notion of making him seem like a "weak link" during Kendra's interrogation. I sort of cringed at the end when Sam made a toast to Jesse, inducting him in as the new guy on the team, but, overall, I liked the spy game that was being played and voice-over comparison of interrogation to proposing marriage and how they both involved finding the right spot and getting one chance. I really hope this isn't the last we see of Kendra, but I fear it might be. I was hoping that she'd get more of a violent send-off considering how much havoc she was able to cause in just a short amount of time.

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