Entourage Season 6, Episode 3: "One Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car" - Recap

Turtle celebrates his 30th birthday while E's client has to pass user tests for his pilot and starts to get a taste of what real success is like.

Ashley tells E she hates his client while watching his pilot the morning after staying over. Turtle's mom calls to wish him a happy birthday and tells him to get it together after she sees him wearing sneakers with Jamie-Lynn on the red carpet in People.

Vince takes the crew out to the track where he's filming his new movie and they all race in Ferraris. Turtle's in for a real surprise though when Vince gives him a $240k Ferrari for his birthday.

Charlie, E's client, frantically tries to find out from him how his pilot tests went. Lloyd reveals his more formal side to E at Ari's request. Ari has a whole slew of good scripts for E to sort through for Vince. But, then E gets the pilot test results and while the pilot did really well, Charlie bombed as an actor and they have to replace him moving forward.

Turtle wants to strike out and start his own business but has some trouble getting the funding. Then Jamie-Lynn brings over a gift for Turtle in the form of another car. Turtle's still feeling depressed though even with all the love and he goes to Ari for some advice, but Ari tells him to come back when he can prove to him that he can pull off his business idea.

E goes home to re-watch the pilot but Ashley, who is still there at 3pm much to his chagrin, provides a bit of a distraction before walking him through why Charlie isn't very good in his pilot. She convinces him to go back to the network and fight for his client. Apparently it's "ask Ari for advice day" because E calls him to ask him how to fight for his client and Ari tells him (jokingly) to pull the race card if all else fails. E storms in, tells them Charlie is a superstar who they shouldn't let go and when that doesn't work, he says that maybe she's a racist. Ari tells him he can't believe he actually did that, but also that it was great he got some much needed lying experience, all while his son was listening.

The boys (and Jamie-Lynn) go out for Turtle's birthday where he drops the news he's going back to school to learn how to run a business. E drops the news to Vince about Charlie and the pilot; he's bummed he couldn't pull this one off for himself, too. But, all is forgotten when they order three bottles of the most expensive wine on the menu and kick back to celebrate life, success and Turtle's 30th. Here's to Turtle.

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Aug 1, 2009 12:09AM EDT

I wonder how expensive that wine is.

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