Glee Episode Recap: "Mattress" Episode 12

The real baby bump is finally revealed in Wednesday night's episode of Glee, causing Will to lose it. The club loses a member when they accidentally get themselves disqualified and Sue gets knocked down a peg when she loses to a student. Find out where all the loss sprung from in this week's recap...

Kicking off the episode, Will joins Emma and Ken for lunch only to find that yearbook pictures are on the way. Ken has been working to lose weight for photos and also for the wedding, which has been scheduled on the same day as the glee club's sectionals competition. Looks like Will won't be making it to the nuptials.

Sue enters, frankly looking like crap. She got work done for the pictures, so she should look gorgeous by the time they come around. Also looking hot will be the cheerios, but the glee kids won't be looking, well, like anything since Sue worked it that they don't get a photo in the yearbook.

Figuring the hazing will get worse, Kurt urges to agree with Figgins' ruling not to have a yearbook picture taken, but Will is going to fight the motion. Mr. Schu argues with the principal to have their picture in the yearbook, but he is going to charge $325 for a quarter page.

Unlike the rest of the glee club, Rachel wants to make sure their faces are plastered in the yearbook. "Make fun of me you all you want, but school pictures mean everything to me," ponders Rachel. "They're great practice for getting photographed by the paparazzi. Invasive as the press may be, stars are dependent on them for their fame and I feel I must be prepared." Ah yes, of course Rachel would join every club possible at McKinley High just to have more photos of herself in the yearbook.

Meanwhile, Quinn thinks about how much she misses cheerios. She vows that she'll be in the cheerleading photo in the yearbook whether Sue likes it or not. Rachel's also vying for another spot in the yearbook, even asking Kurt if he'll co-create a new club, GAYLESBALL, i.e. Gay-Lesbian Alliance. Sorry Rach, Kurt's not having it.

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