Gossip Girl Season 3, Episode 20 Recap: "It's a Dad, Dad, Dad World"

This week on Gossip Girl, several characters took steps that could lead to some big transitions in their lives: Vanessa accepted an overseas summer internship, Blair decided to change colleges and William tried to get his family back.

Nothing to Talk About

In the wake of Vanessa's acceptance to Tisch, Dan and Vanessa agreed to make a list of topics they shouldn't discuss. (Did they learn nothing from Lily and Rufus' ill-advised list incident in the past?!) Thankfully, this left them with little to talk about. But then Rufus told Dan that Vanessa was accepting a three-month internship in Haiti. Vanessa eventually decided she wouldn't take it - she claimed she wasn't turning it down for Dan, but for herself, because she didn't want to be apart from him for that long. However, Dan's pretty observant and he saw she really wanted to take this internship. So he basically followed the old adage that goes, "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it was never yours to keep." He told Vanessa to go to Haiti, and he gave her some stationary so they could write the old-fashioned way. Vanessa was ecstatic, and Dan had a wistful look on his face that revealed he knew he may be losing her.

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