Gossip Girl' Season 3, Episode 20 Recap: Chuck and Blair save each other... and the episode

Hope is on the horizon, Gossip gang! We learned one half of our least favorite pair is headed for Haiti, Chuck and Blair were possibly on the mend, and little Jenny Humphrey got a taste of her own bitter medicine (not literally, because her stuff gives you yeast infections apparently). Allow me to explain by dipping into my (faux) mailbox. Spoilers for last night's Gossip Girl, right 'ahead!

Would Dan and Vanessa's relationship be more interesting to watch if all they were allowed to talk about was politics, Jersey Shore and what they want to eat? - Stop the Horror

Easy; yes. On a serious note, if Dan barred me from talking about my triumphs because he's insecure, he'd spend many a nights back in the House of Waffles in Manhattan with his family. But part of me thinks the conversation rules Dan imposed on Haiti-bound Vanessa were just his subtle way of finally giving everyone what they've been wanting, which is less talking between Dan and Vanessa. Let's hope 'the most trusted name in news' takes her far, far away, never to return. On a related note, I hope the dirty letters exchanged by these two are never read by another soul, lest their eyes be burned out of their skulls.

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