The Hat Claims Two More Victims

Quick, give me an adjective. I honestly don't have an idea how to describe what just happened on So You Think You Can Dance last night, except that they were things that we didn't expect, but somehow expected, too.

And yes, I was talking about that sinister hat. We've all discussed it before. Vitolio had yet to get a dance that's up his alley. Same goes for Caitlin and Jason. Fan favorite Phillip got another hip-hop routine, and Randi and Evan got something close to their styles, too. So, I wondered about Karla and Vitolio's quickstep, and whether it's a sign that they're going. Or, whether Caitlin and Jason will finally prove themselves after being down in the mud for so long. Or, all those Phillip questions.

Well, something weird did happen. First, that "alien condom dance" that Caitlin and Jason did, which admittedly got quite a mix--almost everybody seemed to hate it, but I loved it a lot, to the point of hoping that they stay safe. Just when all the odds seemed stacked against them, someone pulls off a surprise. And then I want to say, I told you soooo! So that dance, with all its weirdness possibly turning people off, gave them another chance.

That surprise was a two-parter, though: Jeanine and Phillip suddenly found themselves in the bottom three. I didn't expect it since the fans will always come through for him, but their routine wasn't exactly the best, in my opinion. Yeah, Phillip popped, Jeanine survived, next please. And then Nigel's words from last week--the same words I mentioned two days ago--came to mind. Yes, being a fan favorite will get you so far, and you have to step up. Then again, I guess it wasn't his fault that he got a little lax last night, especially considering that he did hip-hop again.

My fingers are pointed at you, sinister hat. You didn't give Phillip a pretty hard time, save for that tango where he looked like he just had to get it over with. You didn't give Caitlin and Jason a chance, either, although they thankfully somehow devised a secret formula to pounce you and get them to higher ground.

But it was you who brought Karla and Vitolio home.

I had hopes for the two, with Karla showing some flashed of brilliance in the past weeks, and Vitolio yet to break out from all those dance, plus that partnership with Asuka. Sure, many of you said that them drawing the quickstep would spell disaster, but I thought the did it pretty well. The pair-up's raw, of course, but you see that new confidence in Vitolio, especially, and I couldn't help but hope they'd last a little longer so we'll see what he can do.

Instead, they really got their walking papers. Then again, they seemed to be too bothered with the bottom 3 placing that their solos showed it. Or, their luck was just really against them, after both having separate stints on that spot on the show. But with favorites Phillip and Kayla with them, too, well...

I might want to consider a career as a conspiracy theorist. I said I won't for this show. I have the urge to take it back. But at least I got the Caitlin-and-Jason-will-be-safe point right.

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