House Season 6 Episode 19 Recap: "The Choice"

A groom suddenly passes out in the middle of exchanging his vows and House is convinced he's faking. Meanwhile, Wilson enlists the doctors to spend time with House after work since he's now in a relationship, and House has been drinking too much on his own.

The Patient

Bride and groom Nicole and Ted are about to exchange vows at the altar, when Ted chokes up as he's about to say "I do" - literally chokes up and passes out. He's brought to Princeton-Plainsboro unable to speak and the doctors are baffled. House, on the other hand, thinks he has it all figured out: Ted was faking to get out of the wedding - and his voice is magically restored when House pricks him with a needle.

But just as Ted and Nicole are about to leave the hospital, he passes out again and proves he wasn't faking. Thirteen and Taub head to his old apartment to check on the environmental surroundings, and they find a huge piece to the puzzle - Ted's ex-live-in-boyfriend of three years. Say whaaaa?

House grills Ted for the truth, but he stands firm that he is as straight as they come. But when House threatens to test Nicole for HIV and tell her what's up, he comes clean - sort of. He says he had only slight encounters with men, but got therapy and is now "cured." What kind of therapy? He attended a three-week camp of intensive aversion therapy where he was injected with foreign substances and had his brain zapped while watching gay porn. Wow!

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