Recap: "Unexpected Roommates"

What was supposed to be a two-week stay at Adam and Jay's apartment has turned into four months, and Allie is still living there. It's become an issue for Jay, who certainly didn't sign up for this, but poor Allie is "stranded" and has nowhere else to go. Similarly, Nevan is still crashing on Olivia's couch and she's ready to kick him to the curb. She tells him before leaving for work that he has to start looking for a job and an apartment, but by the time she comes home it's clear he's done neither. It's time for a different family member to take on the waste of space.

At Once Upon A Tart in Soho, Adam tells Allie that Jay keeps asking if she's found a place yet. She immediately takes that as a hint he wants her out and starts going off on him about him not wanting her to be there. "All signs point in this one direction, of I don't know, space," she says. Adam tells her it's not the case and that he loves her, loves waking up next to her, can't imagine living without her, blah blah blah.

So the gang heads to Smooth's loft party, and yes, Smooth is apparently someone's name. He also has a velvet rope outside and a stripper pole. I won't ask questions. Erin and her long-distance boyfriend, Duncan, are there when her former love, JR, shows up. JR and Erin share a longing glance and that's all Duncan needs to pull her away and say, "We need to talk." He knows they're former flames and currently friendly, and has a problem with it. But instead of Erin assuaging his fears, she tells him that a part of her heart will always love JR and that the 18-year-old inside of her still does love him. Maybe not the smartest thing she could've told her current BF.

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