LOST "What Kate Does" Review Season 6, Episode 3

So tonight's new episode of LOST "What Kate Does" once again added more to our confusion. You would think that with only a few episodes left they would start giving us some clues as to what is going on, right? Turns out... not really. I have a feeling they might pack a lot of the answers in the last few episodes.

We did however learn a few things tonight, so let's talk about it.

First up, the Sayid story. Last week ended with Sayid miraculously coming back from the dead, and the theories went wild. This week, we learned that Sayid is infected by some sort of darkness that will change who he is once it gets to his heart. And so what do the Others do? They try to kill him (what else?). Oh and how do they know what's going to happen to him? The same thing happened to Claire, say what?

So now I'm confused. What is this darkness they are talking about? And what does it change people into? Although, I have to say that I don't think that Jacob took over Sayid like some people think, because if it was him, then why would the Others want to kill him? Especially since they seem so horrified that he was dead in the first place. But I could be wrong, with the Others you can never be sure.

Of course they ended the episode before we could find out more. Damn them for showing us Claire and then take it away from us.

Apart from that, tonight's episode also had some emotional moments with Sawyer longing for Juliet (yes I admit there might have been tears). But I will say this, this probably killed any hope of Kate and him getting together for now, because that would just be wrong.

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