Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 13 - Virtuoso

A species (The Qomar) that has no music of their own becomes enthralled with the Doctor's ability to sing (after previously disregarding him as a simple hologram). They decide to transmit his singing planet-wide, and make him a star. This accentuates his vanity, making him unpopular with his friends on Voyager. He asks to leave so he can pursue his music career on the planet. This causes more anger, as the crew believes they need his medical skills. The Doctor protests, even preparing Paris to take over his position. However, the aliens replace him with an upgraded singing hologram capable of a greater vocal range. The Doctor's hopes for a new life are dashed. In the end, the Doctor realizes they simply wanted him for his singing, not who he is as a sentient entity. The Voyager crew welcome him back.

Source: Wikipedia

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