Family Guy Season 8, Episode 14: "Peter-assment" Review

This episode was initially promoted as Peter joining the ranks of the paparazzi, and I was actually looking forward to seeing where the show would go with that idea. But instead, the story shifts to Peter getting sexually harassed at his workplace, resulting in a mashed together mess of two stories that would have worked much better separately.

I knew things were going to be rough when the episode opened with a Terry Schiavo musical, of all things. I think Chris is right on this one. It's too late. The joke ain't fresh. The old adage is time + tragedy equals comedy, but I think in this case "staleness" should be a factor in that equation too. They might as well make some baby Jessica jokes while they're at it. This skit is painfully bad, and it's not helped by Stewie's case of stage fright or the random appearance of a kindergartener who seemed like he might be a player in the story but is never seen again. Richard Dreyfuss makes a quick appearance as himself, but it doesn't add much to the episode.

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