Recap: "The Classified Materials Turbulence"

While on a date with Stuart, Penny makes an unexpected discovery regarding Leonard. Meanwhile, Wolowitz ask his friends' help on his NASA project when he uncovers a design flaw.

This week's episode began with the guys hanging out at the comic book store. "Smell that? That's the smell of new comics," Sheldon said as Stuart opened a new box of the latest reading materials. Howard even offered to pay for the comic books because of the money he is making with his new job working on a classified project for NASA... the only problem is he is working on a toilet for the space station. But not just any toilet, it was the Wolowitz Zero-Gravity Waste Disposal System. Stuart came over and handed Sheldon the latest "mind-blowing" Hellboy comic book, but Sheldon was immediately offended by that statement. "Spoiler Alert next time!" Stuart then turned to Leonard and told him that he is going on a second date with Penny. I had to agree with Leonard's reaction to this statement because I was surprised that there would even be a second date. Stuart then asked for Leonard's phone number in order to get some advice from him.

The next scene showed Leonard and Sheldon having lunch in the cafeteria, when Leonard got a phone call from Stuart. Leonard seemed to be avoiding the awkward conversation at all costs and decided to ignore him and let it ring. Sheldon told him that he should answer his call because perhaps the comic-book store could be on fire and that maybe he needs assistance. Leonard dismissed that theory and then he saw that his phone had a voicemail. "Aren't you going to check you message!?" Sheldon exclaimed as he continued to let Leonard know that by him not doing so was breaking a contract. Then Leonard said something to him that I have been thinking for the past two years: "It must be hell in your head." All of a sudden, Howard came to the table and yelled, "Code Red!" He let them know that he made a miscalculation on the toilet and it will fail after 10 flushes. Not only does he not want to notify NASA of this dilemma, but he also needed help from the other guys.

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