Recap: "Playmates Bring the Drama"

Brody has apparently told his girlfriend Jayde about his little infidelity during the Hawaii trip, and they've been fighting about it ever since. As Lauren says,"It's not fun when vacation baggage follows you home." But when Brody throws a party, Audrina does not hesitate about going. She shows up and Jayde is not pleased. Once Audrina blows Brody a kiss, and the two hug, Jayde and her friends start to somewhat attack Audrina, who tries to explain she'd never "go there" with Brody. Jayde is all, "That's BS," and so Audrina gets up and leaves, but not before hugging the Brode-ster goodbye. Jayde is even more upset that Brody cares Audrina is upset and so she tends to her bottle - her Jaeger bottle that is. Can we say classy?

Meanwhile, over in Speid-land, Heidi finds a text that Stacie the bartender sent Spencer. So what does she do? Go to the club with her sister and Stephanie in tow. It's not before long that Stacie and her posse goes up to Heidi, who calls her out for texting her fiancé. "When I'm gone, there's going to be another Stacie...Good luck with your boyfriend," Stacie says before walking away. When Heidi tells their therapist about the texting, the therapist comments that Heidi and Spencer are on completely different pages. But it seems that during a one-on-one, Spencer realizes that he and Heidi have become one person instead of two (you think? I mean you've branded yourself as the combination of both your names). Spencer wants to build back the level of trust they used to have and agrees he shouldn't be going out right now. But when the therapist asks him, "Do you think you can go forward with that?" his answer is, "That's the problem. I don't know."

Audrina (who's still insistent that because she's known Brody longer than Jayde, and hence can do what she wants) decides to go out to My House regardless of Jayde being there. She walks in and a Jaeger-chugging Jayde says, "What the hell is Audrina doing here?" Audrina and Jayde get into it a thing where Audrina tells her she's obviously insecure. Audrina decides to leave and Brody tells her on the way out that Jayde has a reason to be upset, so she's got to let it go.

The next day Audrina, wearing a ridiculous hat, tells Lauren and Lo about her run-in the night before. "What is it with the playmates?" Lauren asks. She also tells Audrina that Brody owes her an apology, and then she should back out of the situation. But at a lunch, between Lauren and Brody, she's certainly singing a bit of a different tune when she agrees that Jayde has a right to be upset. Brody then puts all the blame on Audrina by saying that she's the one who had the option to go back to her own room. At that point Lauren calls him out. "You don't think that was your call?" She then advises that he say sorry to Audrina about the whole mess, but Brody is adamant that his feelings are only for Jayde. "Sometimes we sacrifice friendship for the one we love. It wouldn't be the first time," Lauren says. Oh how familiar that sounds.

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