Robin Hood Season 1, Episode 7: Brothers in Arms - Recap

A family reunion between Allan and his brother Tom turns sour when Tom and his crooked friends tag along.

Meanwhile, a young couple turn up at Nottingham, asking Sir Guy of Gisbourne to marry them. Gisbourne takes a small necklace off the girl, the only thing of value she has. He then gives it as a gift to Marian, who gives it to Robin to return to the girl. When Gisbourne sees it around the girl's neck again, he suspects that Marian is in league with Robin, and gives it to a local conman named Lucky George, saying that it no longer means anything to him.

The Sheriff suspects a spy in the castle is betraying his plans to Robin Hood and orders Gisbourne to set a trap. Gisbourne mistakenly suspects his own sergeant, who dies under torture. The actual culprit is Marian.

Eventually Tom and his gang are taken by the Sheriff's men and hanged. In a cruel twist, the Sheriff advances the hanging by an hour, so that by the time Robin and the gang arrive for the rescue they are already too late, and Robin, finding out that Gisborne knows Marian gave the necklace back, goes to get it from Lucky George to find that he does not have it; however, among Tom's possessions is the necklace, which they stole back.

While Robin eventually returns the necklace to Marian just in time to "prove" her innocence, she is forced to promise Sir Guy that - in order to protect herself and her father from the Sheriff - she will marry him the day King Richard returns from his crusade.

Source: Wikipedia

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