Recap: "The Party's Over"

In this week's episode, Naomi's sister Jen gets a lot of face time both with her sister, and on her date with Ryan. The girls spend time with Ade at her bridal shower, while the boys take Navid out for a night on the town before he gets married.


Naomi invites her dad to lunch, but surprises him with her sister's arrival. Jen blackmails her dad (with knowledge of yet another one of his secret affairs) into giving Naomi part of her trust fund money so the two can get a place together.

Meanwhile, at a high-end boutique, Jen tries to take the high road by confronting Naomi's bitchy bully (the daughter of the woman Naomi's dad sexually harassed) in a mature fashion. When that doesn't work, she simply frames her for shop lifting. Well played.

Jen bumps into Ryan at the Peach Pit and tries to flirt with him. Unfortunately, she turns into a babbling idiot - similar to when her sister's around Liam. Regardless, the two make a dinner date where Jen offers to read the novel he's been working on. Why is Ryan such a pimp? Anyways, it turns out Ryan lied about writing a novel and confesses on their date. She offers Ryan a bit of truth to make him feel better and says she blew through her one million dollar trust fund in two months. Of course, Ryan thinks she's just kidding.

It is, however, clear that Jen's true motive for coming back is to get more money through her sister. She even comes up with another lie and tells Naomi her money hasn't been wired correctly from Paris and needs to use hers to buy the house. A trusting Naomi tells her not to worry about it.


Naomi and Annie surprise Ade by throwing her an amazing shower - that is until the games get started. I think I died inside when I watched Annie's mom, the drama teacher (wait, wtf?) and Ade dress up in toilet paper and have a walk-off set to "I'm Too Sexy."

Navid's mother shows up at the party to tell Ade she's making a terrible mistake and that they're not ready. This throws Ade over the edge and she heads straight for the medicine cabinet to pop pills.

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