Recap The Young and the Restless: Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jack is stunned to find Phyllis at the penthouse and learns she left Nick. At the church, Adam informs Sharon that he came to pray, but Sharon doesn’t believe him. Adam tries to explain about his marriage to Skye. Later, as Phyllis is finding comfort in Jack the two end up in a kiss. Tension rises when Nick catches Adam and Sharon together. Sharon leaves the brothers to fight it out. Later, Adam finds Skye waiting for him at their suite and the two explode into a moment of passionate sex.

Tucker wants Ashley to stay with him in order to protect her from Adam. Tucker leaves it up to Ashley to decide whether or not she wants to explore a relationship. Abby shows up at Daniel’s and allows him to sketch her in the nude, which leads them to passionate kiss and making love. Later, Ashley and Tucker end up making love.

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