'Pretty Little Liars': We Move Closer to Learning the Identity of "A"(VIDEO)

Who is "A'?

[Spoiler alert.]

All season long, the series 'Pretty Little Liars' (Tue., 8PM ET on ABC) has been occupied with a single question. And like we said, the question is this: Who ... is ... "A"?

"A" is the mysterious person who threatens to reveal the girls' darkest secrets. "A" constantly texts and attacks the girls. But no one knows who this "A" person actually is.

On the latest episode, the girls go away to camp for a birthday party; which is an activity called "glamping." (That means "glamour" mashed up with "camping.") And while they're away, the identity of "A" becomes more clear.

Amazingly, one of the of the girls figures out who "A" is. Hanna (Ashley Benson) learns the person's true identity ... but then she gets hit by a car before she can reveal it. Man, that's so typical. Just when you get close to the truth, something goes wrong.

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