Fringe' season finale Recap: 'Over There, Part 2,' a kiss, a 'death,' and the 'monsters in our skin'

In the alternate universe, Madison Square Garden is the quarantined site of a worm-hole with people frozen since 1999 in containment-amber; Liberty Island doesn't just have a bronze version of the Statue of Liberty - it's also the headquarters for the Department of Defense. (Leave it to patriotic politicians to militarize a symbol of open welcome.)

And so the season finale of Fringe began, with Peter helicoptering over the island to greet his long-lost father, the Secretary of Defense Walter Bishop. They said all the right things - 'I've imagined this moment so many times'; 'It wasn't easy, making the choice to come home' - but there was a manly reserve that precluded the emotional reunion Peter had with his mother last week. (I hope you recorded both of these hours, because they gain a lot in watching them back-to-back, as the two-hour TV-movie Walter's hazy God intended.)

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