American Idol Kelly Clarkson Penned a Song for 'The Twilight Saga New Moon'

I love Kelly Clarkson. I love Twilight. I'm probably equally obsessed with both. Those of you that follow me on Twitter know that I talked all day about which Kelly Clarkson song would be best for the New Moon soundtrack (it's a song called "Haunted" from her My December album by the way. Go listen to it now). So how did I not know that the two things I'm most obsessed with in the world might join into a union of angst and beautiful vocals? That's right, evidently Kelly Clarkson wrote a song for New Moon.

I read a long time ago on Kelly Clarkson's blog that she was currently reading the Twilight saga and was absolutely obsessed. She had the normal reactions of never being able to put the book down, reading into the wee hours of the morning, and generally having Bella and Edward on her brain 24/7. I only loved her more. During one of my "all Kelly" days where I only listen to Kelly Clarkson on my iTunes for an entire day while I work, I considered how awesome it would be if Kelly somehow got involved with the New Moon soundtrack.

What's amusing is that Kelly wasn't trying to get onto the soundtrack. Being her nerd self (I love it), she sat down with two of her backup singers and they wrote a song called "Empty as I am" to explain some of what Bella goes through after Edward leaves her. Then, a while later, Clarkson was able to submit the song for consideration.

Little is known about the song. All we know is that it's submitted, it's being considered, and we won't know until the soundtrack is released. I don't even know if Kelly Clarkson will just be the writer or if she'll also sing her ballad. I know what I'd prefer. But, I plead to Chris Weitz, consider a Clarkson song for the OST. If not this one, check out "Haunted." No one does angst like Kelly Clarkson (Oh, and Stephenie Meyer).

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