The Office' Season 6, Episode 26 Recap: Cheap foreign printers attacking innocent Americans

Here's Michael Scott describing his year, as viewed through footage taken on his new video camera: 'There are only like 12 minutes that I felt was worth taping. And most of that was just birds in my condo complex. And I miss Holly.' This was an interesting way for The Office to end its sixth, and least cohesive, season: an admission that not a whole lot happened, followed by a callback to a plotline from last season. Still, there was some real heft to this closing episode - enough to give me some hope.

The opening scene of 'Whistleblower' saw Michael beaming with pride. He gave a statement to the press denying the existence of exploding printers. It was on TV, then the newspaper, then the internet, then the radio. It was number two video on the local news site. Who was number one?That teacher who was wrongfully accused of being a pedophile. We cannot led the pedophile win! Michael insisted that his employees watch his video 11 times to drum up his numbers. (You laugh, but every Friday morning, I bribe a horde of train-hobos to visit my Office recap from hundreds of different computers in public libraries all across the tri-city area. Gotta get those page views up!)

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