Mark Feuerstein on Royal Pains' Dr. Hank: He's the Robin Hood of Medicine

Let's face it: Mark Feuerstein is the menschiest mensch who ever mensched. He is known mostly for his good-guy roles on Good Morning, Miami and The West Wing, and in movies like What Women Want and In Her Shoes. Next up he plays Hank Lawson, a noble surgeon, on USA Network's Royal Pains (its 75-minute premiere is Thursday at 10 pm/ET). After a rich patient dies on Hank's watch, he's blacklisted from the Manhattan medical community, but - irony alert! - after heading out to the Hamptons to forget his troubles, he ends up becoming a "concierge doctor," a private, discreet advisor to the area's wealthy. Feuerstein spoke to about whether he has bad-guy fantasies, why his show isn't just about rich people and what makes costar Campbell Scott's German accent so damn hilarious.

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