CSI Miami "Bolt Action" Season 8 Episode 3 - Recap

Three out of four guys playing for a charity volleyball tournament get electrocuted from a current in the sand during the game. Jesse and Calleigh discover an electric cable running beneath the sand and carbon crystals under the court that conducted the electricity. The sole survivor was saved from his rubber soled sand shoes. The tournament was a charity event hosted by Amanda Collins, a rich older woman, who happened to be sleeping with two of the guys. We dive into the world of "cougars" and their "cubs" and one husband especially doesn't like his wife running around so publicly with younger guys. Amanda's husband, using golf clubs as a lighting rod, sets out to only cause an accident but instead causes a triple murder. Calleigh and Delko testify in front of IA and from Calleigh's testimony, they recommend bringing the case before a grand jury. Delko also refers to Calleigh as his "former girlfriend" in his testimony and Calleigh finds out. He ends things with her after telling her he's been suspended. ­

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