CSI Miami "In Plane Sight" Season 8 Episode 4 - Recap

A Bernie-Madoff type of character, Howard Burgess, is found murdered in the bathroom of his private plane after police are called in when a repo man tries to take it from the airstrip. Having bankrupted hundreds of Miami's citizens, anyone is potentially a suspect. The team questions Howard's wife, Allison, who now is forced to sell designer sunglasses at a kiosk and helplessly watch as the Feds and repo men confiscate everything they own. A joint is found in the bathroom of the plane which casts suspicion onto Howard's son, Daniel. When Jesse and Tripp talk to Daniel, he admits to helping his father escape his house arrest and file off the tracking device ankle bracelet. He and Allison admit there were millions of dollars Howard had stashed away somewhere but they both have no idea where. Horatio and Ryan discover Howard's ledgers but no clue as to where the money is. When Jesse and Calleigh discover Howard was killed with a chain hanging from a winch in the airplane hangar, they also see someone once again in the plane. Jesse grabs him and the guy tells them he's there to seize the property on behalf of the owner, Gary Archer. who owns a fleet of private jets. The team investigates the paperwork from the first repo man and figure out that Allison was the one who hired him in the hopes to get something back they owned. No evidence comes back from the chain but when they look at the toilet again, they discover a contact lens. While Jesse looks for the owner, Horatio finds the car that Howard escaped in with tires slashed. It comes out that his son discovered he was going to flee with the money that was supposed to go back to the investors. He swears to Horatio the only thing he did was slash his tires and is proved innocent when Jesse and Calleigh match the contact lens to Gary Archer, who was just discovered to also be a victim of Howard's money schemes. Ryan, having cracked the code on the ledgers, figures out the money was stashed on the plane and Horatio gets there to find Daniel already there. The truth comes out that Daniel thought he and his father were going to run away together only to find his dad was going to leave him behind and that's why he slashed the car's tires. The police take Daniel away and Horatio encourages Allison to petition the Feds that the found money be given back to Howard's victims.

Jesse helps one of Howard's victims get a job by calling in a favor.

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