Warehouse 13, Episode 7: "Implosion" - Review

I've said it many times, but it's worth repeating - this series is at its best when it focuses on Artie. He's consistently been the most interesting and believable character on Warehouse 13, and the episodes where he's the focus of the story have been some of the relatively few bright spots in the series so far. This episode continues the trend. Although it wasn't a masterpiece, this installment really brought out some fun stuff that could make for some great future episodes.

One thing I really liked about this episode was the return of cool gadgets! It started out well, with the promise of a badass samurai sword in the story, and don't we all love samurai swords? But there was also the implosion grenade (a neat idea), the mesmerizing ice flower fireworks, and the gun that turns our shady shopkeeper into dust. There's no Claudia in this one though, so the geek element she brought in the last episode was missing.

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Aug 19, 2009 5:48PM EDT

sorry but i dont like arty he has to go iam not sure if its the character
or the actor but he needs to go otherwise this is a great show

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