Top Gear revs for new season with DVD giveaway

A new season of Top Gear, one of this particular gear head's favorite shows, is headed to BBC America on January 18. And, to build buzz for the show's upcoming 13th season, BBC America is giving away DVDs for the new releases of Top Gear Season 11 and Season 12.

One of the modern stalwarts of British TV, Top Gear is a popular import to the U.S. with its mix of super cars, stunts and less than politically correct humor. For viewers like me, it's fantasy fulfillment and as close to some mammothly powerful cars as we'll ever come.

We're a season behind here in the U.S., as U.K. fans already worked their way through Season 14. But, the show's ongoing success on U.S. screens means this franchise should drive on a little farther.

The Season 11 DVD includes a race in the French Alps against extreme skiers, a race across Japan between a sports car and a train, a cross-country fox hunt, and a pleasantly rigged U.K. versus German Top Gear challenge.

Season 12 includes a look at American muscle cars, a race from Switzerland to Brighton Beach on one tank of gas, and a look at Finnish racing moves.

BBC America is giving away multiple copies per day all this week. If you want to win a copy for yourself, the BBC America giveaway runs until the new season premieres on Jan. 25 at 8/7c.



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