Mad Men Season 3, Episode 1: "Out of Town" - Review

Mad Men may be a relatively quiet series, but Don Draper is a bigger than life character. That's why I loved the opening moments of the Season 3 premiere, which saw Don looking back at his own beginning in a manner that elevated these moments to something akin to a super hero origin. And after all, Dick Whitman did cast aside his humble past to transform into the seemingly bulletproof Don Draper, so the analogy is a fitting one. Here, we saw Don's birth to a prostitute, and learned the very literal reason he was given the name Dick, before being given to another family.

Series creator Matt Weiner played with our expectations a bit here. Thanks to Season 2, I'm assuming most people were guessing, like myself, that the time jump between seasons would again be a fairly dramatic one moving forward a couple of years. Instead though, it was only a few months, as it turned out Betty was still pregnant. Considering Weiner has hinted he'd like the series to go through the 1960s, I'm still guessing that a much bigger time jump is still to come, that will bring us forward four years or so.

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