Lauren Eliminated on 'More to Love' - Yes!

Finally, says a lot of More to Love fans who were tired of Lauren's cattiness and at times overbearing aggressiveness. We're still not sure if More to Love bachelor Luke is aware of the stuff that happens behind the scenes, but to the viewers of the Fox reality show, Lauren hasn't exactly been a big fan favorite since she asked Luke if he wanted dirt on any of the girls (after which she proceeded to tell him that Arianne didn't want kids and was old enough to be his mom on top of an overall diss on old people).

Oh, and Melissa was also eliminated.

On tonight's More to Love episode, Luke took the eight remaining girls to a group date to a luxurious spa in Newport Beach, California. He also had romantic one-on-one's at a Hollywood Hills and an exotic Moroccan restaurant. After the elimination, six girls remain, and some say Luke somehow ended up cutting the bigger girls first, rendering More to Love a lot similar to The Bachelor than its premise promised.

Also, there was a very interesting good wife bad wife challenge. The remaining women were made to pick who they thought would be a good wife and who would turn out to be horrible. Kristian got almost unanimous "bad wife" votes and cried, while Heather got unanimous "good wife" votes except for Lauren, who said something about being a good wife without getting married. What? When her turn came, she got almost "bad wife" votes. Oh well. At the very least, we can take solace in the fact that she's gone.

The remaining contestants are Tali, Mandy, Melissa A, Kristian, Heather, and Anna. It's perhaps nice to note that four of the six girls weigh 200 lbs and less.

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