'Mercy' review: Needs some doctoring up

"Mercy," judging solely by the promos, is a world where nurses are the respect-challenged Rodney Dangerfields of the medical profession, yet art the ones who keep you alive in spite of incompetent, megalomaniacal doctors.

And this little service is served up with plenty of attitude.

Admittedly, any show boiled down to sound bites and highlights can feel rather one-dimensional or, in this case, incredibly annoying. "Mercy" is indeed a better show than advertised: the characters have some unplumbed depths, and not all the doctors are evil ... well not if they happen to be hot. The problem is that being somewhat better than annoying may not be enough.

Nurse Veronica Callahan (Taylor Schilling) decidedly does not have it all: She's returned from a harrowing time in Iraq treating the wounded, is living with her alcoholic parents and is trying to deal with a clingy estranged husband she's outgrown. Add to that a job in which she seems to know more than the doctors and her attractive ex (James Tupper) popping up to work at the hospital, and you have a very confused lady who can't seem to function in any area of her life, except for tossing back drinks at the local bar.

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