The Amazing Race: Do We Have Poker Players On Board?

It seems that if we have someone to rely on for being very competitive, very cunning, and very tricky players in a reality show, it'd have to be poker players. Annie Duke on The Celebrity Apprentice, anyone? Well, throw The Amazing Race to that list, too.

Lately the Internet's been slightly abuzz when sources from within CBS confirmed that the upcoming season of the show will feature a team composed of two professional poker players. But, of course, they're not telling who they are.

Fans, however, are quick to pick up on this. Now, I don't know much about poker, but some obviously do. The photo up there was posted on and that girl whose face points to the camera is apparently poker player Maria Ho.

Her partner? People are guessing it's fellow player Tiffany Michelle--and they thought of that because she's dropped out of the upcoming World Series of Poker Main Event for decisions she isn't exactly letting slip of. For obvious reasons, surely.

"It'd have to be something pretty big to deter me from the WSOP Championship Event this year, and trust me, it is!" she blogged. "I can't disclose much right now but I'll be leaving to film a project for a month and it conflicts with the Main Event ... This project and my part are very huge and it's an opportunity [that's] just too good to pass up."

"At the end of the day, acting and performing have always been my passion," she concluded. "In fact, it's how I fell into poker to begin with and I never want to lose sight of that part of my life and career."

Filming for The Amazing Race began a couple of weeks ago in Los Angeles, with the actual race kicking off on July 15. Nothing's been heard from the two since that. So maybe it is them.

Last season we had lawyers. This time, we have poker players. I see a trend...

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Jul 22, 2009 11:01PM EDT

ohhhhhh i loved my tammy and victor, cant wait for this season to start!!!! keep me updated!!

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