Hot Twins on 'Minute to Win It' (VIDEO)

Twins! On 'Minute to Win It' (Wed., 9PM ET on NBC), host Guy Fieri welcomes a pair of sexy twins, who are competing to win a one million dollar prize on the game show.

The two sisters are named Becky and Jessie, and they're wearing surprisingly revealing outfits. Which is odd, considering that their tasks on the show involve doing stuff like bouncing ping pong balls into a basket -- not exactly something that requires form-fitting clothing. It's almost like the producers are trying to show them off -- but that would never happen, right?

Anyway, the twins win $75,000. They decide to risk that money in an effort to win the million dollars. But they lose, and end up walking away with a mere $50,000.

By the way, on a slightly unrelated note, we'd just like to say something here. We realize that some dudes have sexy fantasies involving twin girls. So we'd just like to say one thing -- twin girls are sisters. That's just simple science or biology or what have you. Therefore, any fantasy involving twins would also involve, um, incest.

Just wanted to mention that as a general public-service type of thing. You're welcome. You can go back to checking out the girls now, if you like.

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