'Flash Forward' DVD to Debut in February

We haven't been receiving a lot of buzz about ABC drama Flash Forward, and since it's returning in March there probably won't be much about it. But the network has our back, and there's been an announcement that it's planning to release a 2-disc DVD package of the show's first ten episodes soon. In February, no less.

This marketing move is actually quite surprising since the series hasn't even completed a whole season. Still, Walt Disney Home Studios Entertainment is pushing through with their decision.

According to TVShowsonDVD.com, the Flash Forward - Season 1, Part 1 DVD will come to stores on February 23, 2010. It's certainly the right time to release the product, since the show will air the eleventh episode of the first season on March 4.

As for Part 2, there has been speculation that it could arrive before season 2 airs on ABC. That is, if the show actually survives. We're not predicting any disasters for Flash Forward or anything, but the ratings tell no lies. But the show does have quite a fanbase, so there's still a chance it's safe from the axe.

Moving on, ABC and Walt Disney have just unveiled the artwork for the DVD package and it really is nothing new. The image is that of the series' promotional poster we've seen a while back. Not a lot of effort there, actually.

Still, the content of the Flash Forward DVD is what really matters here. Who wouldn't want to view extra scenes or clues to the mystery of the show? We're hoping there's an interactive feature where you can work on the Mosaic case as well, but there's always the possibility that the thing's just packed with celebrity interviews.

Anyway, if you're hell-bent on getting your mitts on the Flash Forward - Season 1, Part 1 DVD, you can pre-order it from Amazon now.

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