Gordon Ramsay Rates 'Hell's Kitchen''s Final Two

Gordon Ramsay turns up the heat in "Hell's Kitchen" on Thursday night when the two remaining chefs -- Paula DaSilva and Danny Veltri -- attempt to slice and dice their way to winning a life-changing culinary prize.

"I told them both straight that as far as I'm concerned, [they're] the best two we've had," Gordon says "In terms of their creativity, two different styles. But more importantly, what you're going to have for lunch or dinner is sort of the flavor that holds the memory, and so they're not blown away by pictures; they're blown away by flavor, content, and creativity. There's only one that has the edge, but it's very, very tough to separate them."

This year the winner of "Hell's Kitchen" will receive a Head Chef position at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, NJ.

Danny, a 23-year-old Executive Chef from Edgewater, FL, and Paula, a 28-year-old Executive Sous Chef from Coconut Creek, FL, will be judged on creativity, determination and patience.

Read on to see how Chef Ramsay rates the two competitors:

Danny: "Danny is a young, ambitious, very tenacious young guy. When you have an individual like that who is just keen to get it right. He learns by his mistakes. I think the bold, exciting move about Danny, in terms of what he stands for, is he didn't hold back, he's happy to make mistakes, but more importantly, the only way you progress in this industry is by making mistakes and learning. He doesn't take it in a defensive manner. I had a bit of a tough time with him at the beginning and all of a sudden this guy focused. And when he focused, he left everyone standing."

Paula: "Paula is very strong-minded; she has the focus of a long-distance swimmer. She's durable; her mind is set, she is incredibly creative, and more importantly, she has this really nice, sort of charming influence about her, a very sort of demure sort of attractive personality, because it's just so controlled. But yet when she's in the kitchen and she is on fire, she cooks brilliantly. [She's] highly creative. [She's] a woman that definitely knows what she wants, and [she's] not scared to be bold."

The "Hell's Kitchen" finale airs Thursday, May 14 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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