Recap: "Keep Your Enemies Closer"

The drama continues this week as Justin Bobby confronts Audrina about her sleepover with Brody and Heidi continues to duke it out with bartender Stacie. And on the careers front, Lo scores a gig working for Davis Factor of Smashbox, while Stephanie proves once again that she's not ready for a grown-up job.

At lunch, Stephanie tells Lauren she needs to take a break from stressing at work - pretty laughable considering Stephanie's work ethic. Apparently she's met a new boy, Robert, but Lauren reminds her that shouldn't distract her from work. Back at People's Revolution, Steph and Lauren prepare for a shoot that happens to be at Smashbox. Lauren's a little nervous about handling the shoot on her own, and makes the mistake of trusting Stephanie to pack up the rest of the stuff so that she can grab some more stuff for her kit. Stephanie's phone rings, and it's Robert. Lauren runs out the door, telling Stephanie, "Don't forget."

At the shoot the next day, Lauren and Lo go over the looks the client wants. But a bag of stuff is missing - the bag that Stephanie was supposed to finish packing. Lauren calls her up, and she's on her lunch break/date with Robert. You'd think she'd run out to fix her mistake, but no. Lauren hangs up on her to deal with the crisis on her own.

After Stacie texts Heidi that she wants to talk (aka squeeze out just a few more minutes of "fame"), Heidi decides to meet her at The Dime. Stacie says she feels bad about the words they've exchanged, but Heidi goes off on her right away, saying, "I think you're a home wrecker, you're rude, you're a slut." Stacie responds by saying, "I feel bad for you, you're crazy, your boyfriend's a d--k and good luck." Guess that little talk didn't go as planned.

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