Recap: "Zero Tolerance"

Everyone is gearing up for West Bev's sophomore prom. Annie accepts an invitation from a geek to prove to Liam that she's a nice person, and Naomi is over the moon when Liam asks her. Ade ends up going into labor at the dance after Navid confronts Ty. Meanwhile, Ryan thinks Kelly's warnings about Jen stem from jealousy.

This week's episode starts out with Annie showing off her stellar acting skills by starring in her father's "Zero Tolerance" video announcement about prom after-parties. Annie tells Naomi it's the only way she could get her dad to buy her a prom dress, but with no date in sight, she clearly didn't think about the social suicide she was committing by appearing in that video.

Liam's father calls Kelly and principal Harry to express his concerns that his son is not invested in the school. Liam could care less, but perks up when he finds out he's threatening military school, so he asks Naomi to the prom to show that he's into the West Bev scene.

Everyone is getting ready for the prom. Silver is going all-out with a fake tan and a puffy pink dress. Annie is just trying to come to terms with her geeky date. Dixon is playing Build-A-Tux online, though with the addition of a top hat and cane, it's more like Build-a-Pimp. Ethan, who wasn't going to go sans date, agrees to play third wheel to Silver and Dixon. Harry is harassing his kids for info about after-prom parties he can raid. And Naomi, who can't make up her mind about what to wear, tries to buy about five dresses, but her card is declined.

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