Recap Angel: Season 5, Episode 6 - The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco

On the Mexican Day of the Dead, Angel has a run-in with a masked Wolfram and Hart employee. He is connected to an Aztec warrior demon named Tezcatcatl, who preys on the hearts of heroes. This leads Angel to wrestle with some personal issues when he learns about 'Los Hermanos Numeros', a family of five Mexican luchadores who helped the helpless until one day four were slain by Tezcatcatl. Angel helps the last member 'Number Five', the aforementioned employee, to discover the hero inside, which he lost when his family were killed. Angel, Five and his four brothers, temporarily back from the dead, battle and kill the demon. Unfortunately, this leads to the death of Number Five, who is escorted into the afterlife by his brothers.

Meanwhile, Spike researches the Shanshu Prophecy about a vampire becoming human and thinks that he, not Angel, may be the vampire who will become human.

Source: Wikipedia

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