Recap Angel: Season 5, Episode 8 - Destiny

The episode begins with a flashback to London in 1880, where recently-sired William (not yet Spike) meets Angelus for the first time. Angelus accepts William into the group, saying he looks forward to killing with another man. In the present, Spike demands his own office (or Wesley's office during his leave of absence, while he adjusts to the shock of killing what he believed to be his father). Spike lacks sympathy for Wesley, since he himself killed his mother while she was hitting on him. Well that explains a lot, Harmony remarks. She opens a package for Spike from an unknown source, producing a flash of light. When Harmony goes to answer the phone, she's greeted by electronic screeching. As phones start ringing off the hook, Spike heads for Angel's office, but when he tries to walk through the door, he quickly finds he is corporeal again, and celebrates with Harmony. Fred arrives, complaining that all of the atmospheric gauges in the science department have gone haywire and blown out the instruments. She is surprised to hear that Harmony and a re-corporealized Spike are, as Gunn says, "having a nooner". Eve arrives and announces that the whole universe is in turmoil - Spike's existence is messing with the expected course of the Shanshu prophecy, because after dying on the Hellmouth to save the world in the series finale of Buffy, Spike now qualifies as a champion. Meanwhile, Harmony's eyes start bleeding and she bites Spike, screaming that he's using her and really wants his "Slayer whore". He returns to the group, and Eve says because there are two possible candidates for the Shanshu, the wheel of destiny starts to spin off its axis.

Gunn returns with news that the elevator to the Senior Partners opened into a howling abyss. Eve thinks the solution is in the Shanshu prophecy, but Angel says he just read it and it wasn’t helpful. Spike is surprised he has been reading the prophecy which he claims not to believe in. They decide someone from Wesley’s department needs to look over the prophecy, and meet with Sirk, who tells them that they read a translation and therefore didn’t get everything out of it. He retranslates: “The balance will falter until the vampire with a soul drinks from the Cup of Perpetual Torment�. Sirk says that whoever drinks from the cup is the one who was destined to, and once the champion is decided the universe will go back to normal. Sirk says the cup is in a destroyed opera house in Death Valley, Nevada.

Back in 1880, Angelus and William celebrate a wedding massacre, until William leaves to be with Drusilla, whom William calls his “destiny.� Shortly after, William discovers Angelus having sex with Drusilla; the two laugh at William and Angelus taunts him with his earlier words. At the opera house, Spike and Angel battle it out for the cup. Spike points out that Angel's soul was forced upon him as a curse, but Spike fought for his because it was the right thing to do. Angel says he only did it so he could sleep with Buffy. Spike says that Angel has already chosen the side of evil by working at Wolfram & Hart. Angel retaliates that it is a lot more complicated than Spike thinks, telling Spike that he (Spike) was always "a little simple". In the science lab, Gunn begins bleeding from the eyes, warning Fred not to trust Eve. He starts choking Eve, demanding to know who she really is. Fred tends to Eve, who starts crying and says that she knows what all the group think of her, but she's "not the bad guy." Back in 1880, William fights Angelus for sleeping with Drusilla. Angelus tells him that no one belongs to anyone, and William should take Drusilla if he wants her; William chooses to keep fighting.

At this point, the fight has become very personal for both vampires, and both do whatever they can to hurt the other (physically and emotionally). Spike lashes out at Angel, saying Angel was the one who made him a monster, that Angel just wanted something in the world as bad as him, and goads Angel about his (Spike's) sexual past with Buffy. In turn, Angel laughs off Spike's claims that Spike is a hero, points out that he simply opened the door to let the real Spike out, and dismisses Spike's past with Buffy, telling Spike "That's why Buffy never really loved you. Because you weren't me." Spike stakes Angel’s shoulder, saying he would have dusted Angel but he doesn’t want to hear Buffy complain. Spike grabs the cup and Angel tells him that it’s not a prize - it’s a burden: "Do you even really want it? Or is it that you just want to take something away from me?� “Bit of both,� Spike replies, drinking from the cup. His expression changes as he realizes the cup is filled with Mountain Dew. Angel returns to Wolfram & Hart with the news that the cup was a set-up; Sirk has disappeared. Gunn and Harmony regain consciousness, back to normal.

Back in Angel’s office, Eve tells everyone the Senior Partners temporarily fixed things. She says that they don’t know anything about Sirk's trick and are as angry as Angel is. Angel confesses to Gunn that Spike beat him because he wanted his mortality more. "What if it means that…I’m not the one?" Angel wonders. Elsewhere in L.A., Eve enters an apartment and undresses while gloating to someone off-camera that Angel and Spike fell for the cup story and Sirk disappeared without the Senior Partners knowing anything. In addition, the gang is wondering if they can trust the Senior Partners. She crawls into bed and we see she’s with a tattooed Lindsey McDonald. "’s a start," he replies.

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