True Blood Episode Recap: "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues" Season 3, Episode 6

On Sunday's True Blood, Russell gets to know Sookie and then makes Sophie-Anne an offer she can't refuse. Lorena struggles with a difficult task regarding Bill. Lafayette and Jason face obstacles in their new flirtations. Jessica and Arlene bond, sort of. Tara resists Franklin's bizarre charms and the rift between Tommy and his parents become clearer.


Now that Sookie, Bill, Eric and a displeased Russell are back at Edgington Manor, the king has an order for Lorena: kill Bill. She's obviously distressed by this turn of events, as it's clear now that she truly loves Bill, but an order is an order.

She pins him down and proceeds to maim and flay him with careful precision. Bill punctuates his own blood-letting by telling her that he wishes he knew her before "he" turned her. Who is Lorena's maker? Did I miss that? It almost sounds like it could be Russell, with his Forrest Gump-like ability to be everywhere in the history of these people (see: Eric's father's murder).

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