'Running Wilde' Moment - Steve Loves Going to the Office... And the KFC (VIDEO)

Let's give credit where credit is due: Mitch Hurtwiz and Will Arnett might go down in flames with 'Running Wilde,' but they're not going to do so without a fight. The show is trying to improve week-by-week, and you can tell in the third episode that they're trying to right the ship: they're rounding out some of the characters, trying to find where the funny is, and inserting in some off-handed silliness as they go along.

But the result is still not quite there yet. At some points, last night's episode worked, especially when Emmy started to pull the strings on Steve in his new/old job, becoming an evil oil executive in the service of "breaking a few eggs" to make her environmental protection omelete. But a lot of it still didn't work, and the parts that didn't work were in places where the writers have succeeded in the past.

And, yes, I'm going to make yet another comparison to 'Arrested Development' here. But more for illustrative reasons than to whine about how much better that show was.

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