America's Next Top Model Season 13, Episode 7: "Petite Ninja Warriors" - Recap

Ashley, the dancer who was hand-picked from Tyra's studio audience, was sent home last week. Now, eight girls remain. Which model won't measure up this week? Read on to find out.

Back at the house, the girls poke fun at each other. Rae's impression of Laura's country accent is pretty funny and it's good to see some light-hearted fun when there is so much competition. However, it's short lived, because Kara starts trash-talking Nicole. She compares Nicole's social skills to that of a fetus. Oddly enough, that's exactly what I would compare Kara's modeling skills to (hehe).

The girls get a Tyra mail which sends them over to Wilhelmina. Lauren Shiohama, a "petite" model (she's 5'7") gives the girls a task: Go to five go-sees in four hours. The catch is they will be driving through LA, and they have to navigate their way using a folding map. It is imperative that they return at 4:00PM and not a minute later.

Kara and Britney arrive at their first go see just a few minutes ahead of Sundai and Rae, who then have to wait. Obviously, this will hurt them later. Brittany is just so-so and Kara doesn't have pierced ears, so they say they wouldn't use her. Nicole gets praised at practically all of her go-sees. Brittany puts her shoes on the table and it irks the booker, and Jennifer has way too much eye makeup on when she should look natural.

After only making it to two go-sees (when all the other groups made it to three), Rae and Sundai are a few minutes late to Wilhelmina and are forced to wait in the lobby. They don't even stand a chance of the amazing prizes: a piece from each designer, diamonds, and a role in a TV commercial.

And the winner is. . . Nicole. She totally deserves it. Her personality may leave something to be desired, but she has such an amazing look. She booked two out of three go-sees, which was more than any of the other girls.

Now it's photo shoot time. The girls arrive at a warehouse filled with martial arts weapons. They are told that they will be posing in the air, hanging from a wire with their weapon of choice. Their final picture will be comprised of three shots including shots from the ground and the air.

Nicole looks fierce, even in the harness. Jennifer's hair and makeup are awesome, and she seems to do a good job. Erin looked like a magical elf - she was doing crazy flips and poses. Laura has a hard time with her weapon, but gets it together. Kara was a mess on the ground, and a total disaster in the air as well. Brittany was totally uncoordinated, but apparently it looked good on film. Rae was unable to project her sunny personality on film, and Sundai kept repeating the same poses and facial expressions.

At judging, we finally get to see the photos. Each of Jennifer's shots looks pretty good. Rae's shots weren't fluid enough, while Erin's were very acrobatic. Brittany looks great, while Kara looks like a mess. Laura looks long and elegant and poor Sundai's shots all look the same. Nicole looks like a true ninja, but the judges criticize her monotone voice and facial expressions.

It's clearly Nicole's week because she wins best picture in addition to already having won the challenge. Laura is the runner up.

Not surprisingly, the final two comes down to Kara and Sundai. If it were my decision to make, I'd send them both home. Tyra says Kara seems lost and her passion is gone. She also says Sundai is stuck doing the same things and lacking versatility. I agree with Tyra - both girls are just not cutting it this week.

Thankfully, Tyra sends Kara home, so the house will be free of her bitterness. Is it just me or does she look a little bit like Dana Goodman from The House Bunny (she played Carrie May - Google it!). Sundai is going to need to spend some time smizing in front of the mirror if she wants to last another week. Do you think Sundai will be able to get back in the game next week, or will she follow in Kara's footsteps?

The preview for next week looks intense - Erin is having a nervous breakdown and can't stop crying. Will she pull it together or get sent home? Can't wait to see this one!

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