The New 'Ugly Betty' Assistant Is Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Here's another casting alert for the new season of Ugly Betty, and it's a bit major if you consider Daniel's (Eric Mabius) relationship with Betty (America Ferrera). According to the latest buzz, the grieving Meade will be getting a new assistant and confidante. Wait, where does leave our brace-faced heroine?

Asked if Daniel will be getting a new girlfriend on the fourth installment of the show, TV Guide's Mickey O'Connor said: "Not exactly. A woman he meets at a bereavement class will become his assistant... and confidante. And what will this Betty substitute look like? She'll look like Entourage's Jamie Lynn Sigler, but with a twist."

The actress herself had this to reveal: "You won't recognize me in my hair and makeup. It's kind of a disguise."

While Mickey O'Connor hopes the disguise won't involve Betty's trademark braces and a poncho, I have something else in mind. Seeing the photos of this guest star reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter's character in Fight Club. Dark-haired, dark-eyed and crazy with the outfits. She meets the narrator, portrayed by Edward Norton while they're scamming support groups.

It sounds a lot like Natalie, the Ugly Betty counterpart played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler. I do doubt they'll take things to the bedroom as easily as on Fight Club though. Anyway, ABC has confirmed that she'll be appearing on the second episode of the season, titled "Blue on Blue."

The official description of the episode bills Natalie as "a sexy girl who takes [Daniel] out for an interesting night on the town." Well, she might not be the same as the previous ladies the Meade man has dated. Besides, he's still getting over Molly so that's practically out of the question.

Another thing that worries me is Betty's new role in her relationship with Daniel, especially since Natalie is supposedly his new "confidante." It's likely that this means Betty will stop having to take care of Daniel and the two will just remain great friends.

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