'Dexter' Season 4, Episode 1: Isn't "Living the Dream"

Finally, we get some sort of answer to the question posed by several previews and trailers about Dexter's fourth season in which Dexter Morgan is now living life in suburbia as a husband and a father. Is he really living the dream? It certainly doesn't look like it, at least based on the season opener, which wastes no time giving viewers a glimpse of the rigors of parenthood while introducing the highly anticipated Trinity Killer.

Read no further if you have not seen "Living the Dream."

A naked John Lithgow proves to be a creepy serial killer who attacks a woman in her home by stripping her down in the bathtub and slicing her leg until she bleeds out. It's outright horrible but it effectively gives us an idea of what kind of a sinister Frank Lundy is looking for. Speaking of Lundy, he's back in Miami and it looks like his presence will stir up tension between Deb and Anton, who are still making things work in their relationship. On a side note, we also find Angel and Lt. LaGuerta having a secret affair.

Unfortunately, Dexter and the Trinity Killer have not had any interactions yet --- which is understandable given Dexter's hectic situation. Juggling family and work, he's now in unfamiliar territory, not able to focus on his work properly thanks to sleep deprivation. He then realizes that he may have taken more than he can handle as he uses the wrong notes in a court hearing, consequently letting a killer go free. Oh and he also fails to take advantage of a potential victim's weakest point as he falls asleep while waiting for him outside a bar.

In spite of everything, Dexter manages to give in to his "Dar Passenger" urges and kills the murderer that initially got away. And just as I thought America's Favorite Serial Killer can really have it all, Dexter leaves me at the edge of my seat when he falls asleep while driving and crashes his car, which contains the remains of his first victim this season.

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