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SideReel Crime Week: Favorite Crime Shows

This week on SideReel we're featuring a sampling of TV crime dramas, from the past (Twin Peaks, The Sopranos) to the present (Dexter, Life, Prison Break).

So...which crime drama - past or present - is your favorite, and why?

Please share in the comments!


| 10:57 EST, 11 Dec, 2008
It depends on what you consider a crime, when a monster kills someone is it a crime, if so then my favourite crime series is the X files
| 19:44 EDT, 26 Oct, 2008
Cold Case, Life, Monk, Psych, and Numbers
| 19:57 EDT, 23 Sep, 2008
Sopranos is by far the most realistic series. The makers and writers obviously have great knowledge about the human psyche. I can honestly say that as far as quality as well as muturity goes, Sopranos is the best series I've ever watched.
| 22:46 EDT, 19 Sep, 2008
Dexter, for me takes the cake, Its original and it makes you think, besides its funny and drama at the same time. So I vote for DEXTER
| 13:28 EDT, 01 Jul, 2008
Cold Case is the best crime show, never miss an episode. I have just started watching Life aswell, good but not as good as CC.
| 12:26 EDT, 01 Jul, 2008
Bones & Dexter
| 10:25 EDT, 01 Jul, 2008
Cold Case. It's more about the "why?" then the "who?" and "how?", a fascinating study in human character and motivations. I also really enjoy Life and The Closer
| 04:23 EDT, 01 Jul, 2008
The Sopranos was by far the best crime show on TV ever just the pure raw-ness of the series left you wanting to see more.
| 20:24 EDT, 30 Jun, 2008
The best sesies I've seen in a long time is "The brotherhood", I love the way the caffee brothers get things done in an equaly dirty way, and that they think they're totaly different from each other.It's a good substitute for sopranos, althow I still like sopranos better...

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