MERLIN ''Goblin's Gold'' Review Season 3, Episode 3

MERLIN's third episode of its third season, Goblin's Gold, found the drama which had laced The Tears of Uther Pendragron kicked aside in favour of outright comedy. The entire cast got a chance to let their comedic chops shine as Merlin, in search of a book for Gaius, unwittingly releases a goblin from its entrapment in a small container. He attempts to catch the goblin, but things take a turn for the worse when the goblin possesses Gaius.

Merlin cannot harm the goblin without harming Gaius. Until he is able to concoct a plan, and the goblin, as Gaius, is free to roam Camelot, causing mischievous havoc.

The goblin tells a man with a broken rib he is certain to die, he ignites fears about a boil-inducing plague for which he has the remedy for, at the cost of a gold coin, he gives Arthur donkey ears and gives the Knights of Camelot with boils. His remedies mainly cause braying, blisters and flatulence.

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