Episode 11 Live Thoughts

It's down to the final five on America's Next Top Model and this week is all about the always interesting go-sees. For the first time all season, we get to see what someone other than Tyra Banks and Co. think of the models and their potential to make it in the fashion world. The go-sees are notorious for making and breaking Top Model hopefuls and this cycle should be no different. Watch along with me to see who has what it takes to make it in the real world of modeling and whose dream of being America's Next Top Model will end tonight.

It's almost Top Model time! Let's start the night out with a question: who do you think will be the star of this cycle's go-sees?

Just noticed that Teyona and Allison are the last two girls featured in the introduction. Do you think that the two are paired together in the promo is a hint that they'll be the final two girls standing? We all know that ANTM has all kinds of editing hints, is this a new one?

Aminat is so excited that Natalie got sent home and so is Teyona.

They're focusing on Celia and she's talking about her potential...we all know what this means. Will Celia will be in the bottom two tonight?

Instead of being excited about being last week's winner, it makes Allison nervous.

Fo is worried about her height and how it will play in the competition. We don't blame Fo, but I bet she would have killed next cycle, the "short girls cycle." Anyone else think Fo would have been a shoe-in for winning Cycle 13?

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