Recap: "Tijuana Brass"

The Priority Homicide Division looked into the death of two Tijuanese police detectives, while the long-dreaded publication of Times reporter Ricardo's slam piece made a significant impact on Brenda's future and career. And now, my full recap of one of this season's better episodes.

Sometimes - OK, maybe oftentimes - an episode of The Closer is about much more than the murder and investigation. This week's case, though riveting and twisty-turny, took a back seat to the ripple effect that Ricardo's article and "elite" labeling of the PHD had on Brenda's life work.

In that first meeting with Pope and Taylor, I really felt like Pope was out of line, and that he really wasn't trying to have Brenda's back. Someone spun it well, but accurately, I think, noting that the rich and white often have greater resources to cover up a crime, and that's why they end up as priority cases deserving of better, greater manpower. Instead, Pope - though he did try to snuff the story - rolled over and let the Times define what the PHD is. He let me down.

In the end, though, crafty, always-thinking Brenda absolutely pounced on the opportunity to not only hold onto her turf, but add to it. Watching Pope and Taylor pose and dance for Ricardo, with all their talk of a departmental re-org, she glided in her own "take" on the shuffle, adding fraud, kidnapping and rape cases to her new Major Crimes domain. And all Pope and Taylor could do was nod. Oh, and Taylor now reports to her! I can't see that caveat sticking, but his reaction was priceless. (For good measure, she tells Ricardo, "You're the first to hear" about the changes.) I heart Deputy Chief Johnson!

As for the case itself, to me the investigation and path of suspects (I made the commandante to be the perp early on) was a blur, while Brenda's ultimate choice of justice - jailing the commandante under the bulls-eye/name of Manuel Whatever - was jaw-dropping. Sure, it was "just," but couldn't one argue that she signed the guy's death certificate in doing so? Does that make her any better than him for putting the bounty on Manuel in the first place? Then again, the commandante was one huge jerk, daring to choke our Brenda and get so out of control that nearly the entire PHD had to restrain him. I expected some un-PC beating at the hands of Flynn to come into play.

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