Recap: "Time Bomb"

As Brenda struggled to get a handle on her new "Major Crimes Division," the squad found themselves on the trail of - and ultimately the "business end" of - a group of bombers/gun men. Did everyone escape unscathed? Or did the team suffer its first major casualty? Read on for all the details.

What's the saying - be careful what you wish for? Granted, I never wished that a PHD member lose their life this season. I merely have been positing that, being in the line of work they are, it should be just a matter of time until....

Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. This case traversed all manner of moods, starting off with a "lighter" tone as Tao practically swooned over "Babs" the bomb-sniffing robot. That was followed by a small chuckle when a police tape-crossing Brenda popped up on Babs' camera.

But then came the first uncovered pipe bomb and subsequent explosion. Things immediately got serious.

As Brenda zeroed in on the "crazy kids" involved in the bomb-making, she was led to one particularly disturbed lad. Alas, little did she know that upon being captured, he purposely OD'd on meds which, when combined with the sugar of the chocolate he chewed during his interrogation, sent him into cardiac arrest - but not before he warned Brenda that she was "running out of time."

Pope got dumb for a bit - as bull-headed, wrong-every-step-of-the-way bosses tend to do - dismissing the idea that the worst was yet to come. No, he would rather talk about the department's big "win" in seemingly stopping the bomb plot.

Then came the "aha" moment, as Brenda spied the directory at a mall. The building was shaped like the "E E" tattoo on all the baddies' wrists. The plot became clear. Just as Brenda's ill-fated young suspect had alluded to, the foundation had been laid for something like Columbine... but far worse. As Fritz noted, Columbine was a mistake. The actual plan - to flush students out of the school and then shoot at them - was never fulfilled. ("Columbine was a great idea, but they didn't get it right," said chocolate-chomping Johnny. "We will." Words to make you shiver.)

At the mall, everything would almost follow the plan exactly. Sure, there was only one gunman on the roof (versus the planned three) as the shopping center emptied, but he did his damage. Several civilians were gunned down.

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