Episode Recap: "Good Faith"

This week as TNT's The Closer resumed its fourth season, Brenda inched closer to the altar, multiple-GSW victim Sanchez's fate was revealed, and the Major Crime Division dove into a suicide that stank of murder. On with the recap!

The Closer returned with a scene not filled with crimson blood, but bridal white, as Brenda Leigh sampled wedding gowns handed down from all manner of kin. Willie Rae, of course, was all smiles, but nothing seemed quite right for the non-blushing bride-to-be. (As she noted at one point, "Who designed this veil - the Taliban?")

We quickly learn that Brenda and Fritz's target wedding date is less than a month away, though they have yet to settle on a where, let alone a dress. And the cake? Pfft. At least that's some research Brenda can sink her teeth into! Or at least recruit Flynn & Co. to help out with. (Though I cannot endorse their "If you can eat it during an autopsy..." litmus test.)

Back at the office.... We are relieved to learn that Sanchez in fact survived that sniper shooting at the mall, though it took five surgeries to mend his body. But is he truly A-OK? Provenza seems a bit elusive when reminded of the doctors' notes/sign-offs needed to put Sanchez back on the streets,

The case at hand involved a suicide that the creepy coroner dude maintains is anything but. He presents his case to the MCD, and upon further investigation it is deduced there is no way this former drug addict/born-again guy could have shot his own head off. The suspects/persons of interest:

1. Pastor Hicks, the clergyman at whose makeshift church the deceased, Jeff, found salvation/new life. Jeff, though, also stole from the coffers.

2. Jeff's brother, the sole beneficiary of his insurance policy. And from whom Jeff repeatedly stole.

3. Beth, the girlfriend/would-be fiancée whose chemo treatments he helped pay for.

4. The nasty ex-wife who, though a big red herring, gave Amy Pietz much scenery to nibble on.

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